Cover - The Wizard of Heaven
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A cinematic treasure has been found in the 1949 French Film, Le Sorcier du Ciel. Digitally remastered, The Wizard of Heaven tells the compelling and remarkable story of St. John Marie Baptist Vianney, the humble pastor of Ars, France, who battled with the devil himself, not only for the Faith of his Parish, but even for that of his country. Starting with the Saint’s arrival at Ars, this film brings to life the hardships, indifference, ridicule and opposition he encountered, as well as the zeal with which he strove to overcome them. Moreover, The Wizard of Heaven captures an excellent portrayal of the incredible, ardent love for souls that consumed the heart of this noble priest and compelled him to the very heights of sanctity. Rightfully has the Church confided her priests to the care and guidance of the Curé of Ars, whose conquest of souls merited the following rebuke -
The Wizard of Heaven - the life of St. John Vianney
  • Feature Runtime - Approx. 90 Min
  • French Audio with restored English Subtitles
"Vianney! How you make me suffer... If there were three more like you
on earth, my kingdom would be destroyed" - satan